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The absolute must before installing stellarium is to have the very latest video card drivers installed on your computer and even then there may be some issues. Acl based telescopes comsoft pctcs, optical guidance, dfm, other. Our center piece is a meade schmidt cassegrain lx200 16 4064 millimeters telescope fork mounted on an altazimuth pier. Arduino alaz mount controller based on lx200 protocol. I felt the following private post to me may reflect a number of potential and current lx200 owners that may be discouraged at trying astrophotography. The meade lx200 is a family of commercial telescopes produced by meade instruments launched in 1992 with 8 20. I do set my declination to 90 and the tilt of the tripod mount plate to my latitude, so yes, i assume that the lx200 is the same. The gpusb guide port interface adapter plugs directly into a usb port on your computer or a usb hub attached to your computer. My lx 200 auto star display started regularly flickering.

Choosing telescope guidance software getting started. Installs a driver for telescope control systems that speak the merlin controls. The lx200s are extraordinary telescopes capable of producing amazing results, but managing them can be a chore. Pro also supports telescope drivers available in the ascom telescope driver software package. How to use stellariums oculars plugin to match your optics. The advanced lx200 is a free ascom driver for generic lx200 telescope interface. Meades lx200 acf brings advanced comafree acf optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Arduino ascom focuser pro2 diy myfocuserpro2 is an ascom telescope focuser. Below, ill explain how to start leveraging the power of autoguiding for deep sky astrophotography. Meade etx or lx200 with stellarium and stellarium scope software. The meade 14 356mm f10 lx200 acf advanced comafree telescope includes all the fieldproven features of the lx200 including gps, primary mirror lock, oversized primary mirror, smartdrive.

Also general amateur astronomy topics like observatory, dome, pier, equatorial wedge, permanent pier, astro software, remote operation of observatory, remote operation of telescope, eyepiece. Connect your mount, your camera, select a star, and start guiding. The most widely used, researchgrade, telescope system. Meade 14 f10 lx200acf advanced comafree telescope uhtc. It combines the most sophisticated optical system available with rocksolid mechanical and electronic elements to create the most versatile astronomical system available. The telescope has a light collecting aperture of 8 203mm and a focal length of 80 2000mm, yet by virtue of its schmidtcassegrain catadioptric design, the telescope tube is only 16 long. We are your source for astronomy telescopes, eyepieces, astroimaging cameras, and more. Installation and setup stellarium, eqmod, acsom and stellarium scope. Equipped with starbright xlt coatings fully computerized telescope with a dual fork arm mount 9x50 finderscope assists in accurately finding objects easy to move telescope from one location to the next delivers quiet operation alongside large drive gears fast and easy alignment process auxiliary port on the mount for additional. Many lx200 users have reported good success with these solutions. Slew guide receives the coordinates from the fs2 and displays the sky area where the scope is pointing to. Lx200 the meade autostar controller and telescopes compatible with. I wrote the software to control my 10 lx200, but made a conscious decision to try. Arguably, the lx200 has the best priceperformance ratio of any scope and mount available today.

Select lx200 as telescope type and choose the right com port. Many amateur astrophotographers are hesitant to add any additional complexity to an already steep learning curve, but the truth is, autoguiding your camera and telescope isnt overly difficult to. Software and hardware autoguiding issues with the lx200gps if youve had problems getting k3ccdtools, guidedog or other autoguiding software to successfully control your lx200gps through the rs232 port, it may not be your mistake or faulty software that is causing the problem. Meade lx200 acf 10 advanced comafree goto altazimuth. Also general amateur astronomy topics like observatory, dome, pier, equatorial wedge, permanent pier, astro software, remote operation of observatory, remote operation of telescope. More technically it is a convolutional residual net with encoderdecoder architecture and with l1, adversarial and perceptual losses. Only the lx200 guide and focus commands are implemented, so a slew or center command does not change the speed at which the scope moves. Stellarium comes with some builtin telescope control software. Get 5% cash back by using code giftspring or use your reward points at. Moons from left to right are calypso, gannymede, europa and io. Meade lx200 telescopes combine state of the art acf optics with superb mechanical features for advanced users covid19 delivery info we are operating as normal but there are shipping delays, please contact us to check delivery times, all deliveries are now contactless. This guide port interface uses optocouplers to electrically isolate the computer from the telescope, eliminating a possible source of electrical interference. The original version was later informally named the classic lx200 as newer upgraded versions replaced it. This is activated by pressing mode for more than 2 seconds.

Phd guiding phd guiding is designed to be push here dummy simple, yet provide powerful, intelligent autoguiding of your telescope for both pcs and macs. Phd2 is telescope guiding software that simplifies the process of tracking a guide star, letting you concentrate on other aspects of deepsky imaging or spectroscopy. Generic lx200 and other lx series scopes many emulations including bartels, fs2 losmandy gemini controller levels meade lx200, lx200gps, and autostar meade specific features supported meade telescope and focuser vixen skysensor 2000 pc. Lx200 autoguiding emulator for synscan, lx10, lx50, g11 and. I have a meade 8 lx200 f10 telescope which i purchased in 1995. There are processors in the hand control hc and there are processors in the base of the scope in a section known as the motor control mc. Dissappointed with my lx200 posted in lx200 series. My computer has only usb ports and not serial ports, like most recent computers. Also see lx200 observatory for more detail of how it works. An autonomous telescope implementation at the usq mount. Wireless control from graphical interface thats totally searchable. The dobsonian reflector is based on the idea that large optics can be inexpensive and very easy to use. Astronomy and space links last updated 29 may 2005. The fact is that an lx200 without wedge or a derotator fied, will always be limited to 30 seconds of exposure and you will receive results for these times.

Autoguiding a telescope for deep sky astrophotography basic. Autoguiding a telescope for deep sky astrophotography. The advantage of the lx200 was price for its performance, which was accomplished by using electronics and software to equal the pointing performance of more expensive systems. Astrosystems dust cover for 14 lx200 at astronomy products and services dust cover for 14 sct at anacortes also has desert storm cover projects. Using large ccd detectors, the classic lx200 is no longer suitable for imaging unless an adapted corrector is used. Part of the idea came from reading how easy it is to have skysafari talking to telescope via a raspberry pi running a wifi to serial port bridge similar blog post, mimicking skysafaris expensive but neat skyfi box. Using an rj12 cable, the adapter connects to the guide port of your telescope mount.

Meade 16 lx200acf advanced comafree telescope with uhtc. Save 10% on these innovative wifi and cable management hubs while supplies last. Skyshed pod is dedicated in memory of john kidner, a first class astronomy retailer and great friend, whose advice and guidance helped make pod happen. The dome was erected in 1986 after the site was realized for its fantastically dark skies. The mapug astronomy meade advanced products users group resource website for the meade lx200, rcx400, lx90, lx50, lxd55, starfinder, and etx telescopes. External control of the lx200gps via the rs232 connection meade computercontrolled telescopes such as the lx200, lx90 and etx models can be commanded remotely by serial commands delivered to the telescope through the rs232 port. Viewfinder composition and guide star acquisition 6. Csat satellite tracking lx200 telescope slewing software digitalsky voice voice controlled telescope pointing software. This includes most optical guidance, dfm, optomechanics research, scitech and merlin research telescopes and mounts. It can serve as an educational tool, telescope guidance software, position calculator, or even as a rendered for fisheye projection on domes. Im just looking for suggestions for some decent software for controlling my recently acquired second hand meade lx200 gpsi would like the ability to goto all the normal objects obviously but additionally would also like to be able to easily download the less periodic objects like neos a. Starnet is a neural network that can remove stars from images in one simple step leaving only background. The designs are all freely available and a community of helpful makers has sprung up around it.

The meade lx200 acf telescope brings advanced coma free optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Scope to control a meade etx or lx200 telescope from a computer. All lx200 models feature a primary mirror locking mechanism, which effectively prevents movement of the primary mirror during long exposure astrophotography or observing. Meade instruments 16inch lx200acf ota telescope the most. I doubt they will work well for the native f6,3 classic lx200. Meades lx200 is the most widely used advanced amateur telescope on earth, and for good reason.

Meade lx200, lx200gps, and autostar meade specific features supported paramount via thesky plain old telescope hub poth with dome control. The meade lx200 acf combines a revolutionary new optical system with the fieldproven mechanical features of the original meade lx200 the most widely used researchgrade telescope in astronomy today. The ascom software package may be freely downloaded from the ascom web site and integrated with star atlas. Lx200 acf 12 f10 ota only telescopes, solar telescopes. Best used telescopes and accessories opt offers a wide selection of used telescopes, cameras, mounts, accessories, and more. Nov 02, 2008 if you want to take a stab at amateur astrophotography, or have a telescope with goto or auto tracking capability, you either need to make a substantial investment in hardware and software, or you can built your own computer controlled mounts and use a variety of open source telescope guidance software packages. Since its opening in 1986 frosty drew observatory has been a local icon for astronomical observation. Desktop universe telescope hub generic lx200 type many emulations such as bartels, fs2 losmandy gemini controller levels maxpoint telescope hub meade lx200, lx200gps, and autostar meade specific features supported software bisque thesky pass through thesky and tpoint to its selected telescope, including the paramount. Also has manual slewing controls with speed adjustment.

The guide scope rides atop your primary imaging telescope and is usually much smaller. I am trying to use the computer for telescope control i have the meade rs232serial with a usb crossover and know when drivers downloaded it showed com port 8 to use but it still does not see the telescope. Software and optical encoders corrected for errors, and the telescope also came with autoguiding ccd and planetarium software. Skyshed pod dome backyard observatory, skyshed pod skypod. I still had to perform the basic 2star alignment using the keypad at the scope i didnt attempt to use the computer software. If you want to take a stab at amateur astrophotography, or have a telescope with goto or auto tracking capability, you either need to make a substantial investment in hardware and software, or you can built your own computer controlled mounts and use a variety of open source telescope guidance software packages. The autoguiding camera is traditionally lighter than your primary imaging camera, and will often. A world leader in the manufacturing of telescopes, solar telescopes, microscopes, optics. It features a radical new advanced coma free design optical system.

I bought a new auto star which is stable display wise. If so, and given the caveat about the manual being actually associated with the scope at purchase, you have a version 3. Sometimes reverting back to start mode so lost guidance so i had to auto align again etc. The telescope house website continues to offer some of the best telescopes and astronomical equipment from throughout the world and the expert team here is dedicated to providing taylor made advice to amateur astronomers of all ages and levels of experience, as well as providing astronomical project oversight for schools, colleges and universities. The meade lx200 acf brings advanced comafree acf optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere.

The mounting assistant is a supercompact 812 x 1014 mounting plate designed to simplify attachment of meades lx400acf, lx200acf, lx200r, lx200gps, rcx400, lx200 classic and lx90 telescopes being used in the altazimuth mode with meades standard f. Stargpsnx is a plugandplay solution for use with the celestron nexstar, meade autostar, lx200 classic and losmandy gemini telescopes. Greetings, i am very new to this group and have been searching around a bit and it may be me, but i have not found an answer to my question. Wiki main page faq users guide landscapes scripts plugins.

The 11 best astronomy apps for amateur star gazers. The 11 best astronomy apps for amateurs business insider. Mapugastronomy homepage for meade advanced products. This includes many types of researchgrade telescopes controlled using astronomy command language. Guide port interface products the shoestring astronomy store. I was also impressed with simon boxs instrumented dobsonian telescope measuring altitudeazimuth angles directly connected to stellarium update. Fs2, meade lx200, meade lx600, lx850 meade autostar and autostar ii. Controlling a meade etx or lx200 with stellarium and. Not only could it be used to remotely and therefore possibly robotically control the lx200, but it also allowed other applications to utilize this capability as well by employing the. Computer control of lx 200 lx200 series meade 4m community. So you want a meade lx telescope how to select and use. This driver has been created after discovering that the meade lx200 classic and.

Controlling a meade telescope with stellarium requires a quick and simple hardware and software setup. Sophisticated guiding and analysis tools for experienced users extensive support for commonlyused equipment. The following telescopes and mounts support the generic lx200 protocol there may be others. This ascom driver is free and provides telescope v3 support. You have the mount, your computer, tracking and guidance software, and all the pieces in the chain have to be working and communicating properly with each other. This is a description the techniques that i use to guide my lx200 10 f10 for long exposure astrophotography. Hi jeff, since you have the manual, you should be able to find out your software version from it.

Frustrated with the high cost of a proprietary go to, the author developed a free, open source, diy option, rduinoscope boiana rduinscope boiana is an open source go to unit. Browse an extensive selection of astronomy equipment at telescopes. The screen shows values related to autostar operation, and can be viewed by using the scroll keys. Perhaps one of you would be kind enough to provide me some guidance. The lx200 is quite able to handle long exposures without modification. After several evenings worth of this over a few months i gave up with it. Lx200 telescopes meade instruments telescopes, solar. The basic equipment needed to accomplish a successful night of astrophotography with autoguiding is a secondary telescope guide scope and a guide camera. Stellarium telescope control with a heq5eq6 iceinspace.

The lx200 acf includes all the fieldproven features of the lx200 including gps, primary mirror lock, oversized primary mirror, smartdrive. Lx200 classic mount and webcam guiding british astronomical. No software is required since the gps receiver outputs commands and data the telescope already understands. Stellarium talks to the meade telescopes using the lx 200 communication protocol through com port, so any device connected to the com port specified in stellarium, which answers in the right way to the protocol compliant questions is recognized by stellarium as a meade lx200 telescope and should work without problems.

Stargps nx for meade lx200 telescopes lowest prices opt. Generic lx200 type many emulations such as bartels, fs2 maxpoint telescope hub. Mapugastronomy homepage for meade advanced products users. Dobsonians are versatile, inexpensive, and easy to use, and opt stocks a wide array of them at high quality for this reason. You can buy with confidence because all of our used telescopes and astronomy equipment is guaranteed to work, regardless of its cosmetic condition, and come with our 90day parts and labor warranty. The worst part about using the polemaster with this type of mount is that instead of adjusting bolts i have to rotate the tripod and adjust the angle of the mount plate.

Meade 8 lx200 acf computerized telescope high point scientific. Looking at the newtonian design, john dobson realized that the major concern was the primary mirror. Stellarium cannot prevent your telescope from being pointed at the sun. Telescopes and mounts ascom standards for astronomy. For the native f10 classic lx200 they are on the market but expensive. Oct 08, 2009 telescope meade lx200 what can you see with a 10 from eastchurch on the isle of sheppey. Light enters the front of the telescope through a thin correcting plate lens of 8 diameter to a spherical primary.

The information below is for englishversion hand controls. Moons are from stacked 5 10s exposures at iso 1600. Has an align feature that helps refine your alignment does assume that youve already made the basic initial alignment, which is nice. Pocono mountain optics sbig astronomical instruments scs astro. Any telecope controlled by either of these packages is accessible via the aclbased telescope driver. I hope someone can advise on webcam guiding and if the classic lx200 communicates ok through phd. Assuming the manual was the one that came with the telescope originally. This allows to connect the meade lx200 operating with rs232 to a usb port, creating a virtual port on your computer thanks to the software supplied. The software for the microcontroller was written by ronald gorter. Good astrophotography is completely reliant on reliable tracking by the telescope. So you want a meade lx telescope how to select and use the.

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