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We have collected 100 wav loops that are necessary for any manufacturer who wants to get valuable, pleasant to the. In 2001, universal audio set the standard in analog emulation with the original uad la2a plugin. Heres the plugins that were included with the arrow i purchased. It can be used on mac and windows computers by producers, engineers, and musicians for. The teletronix la2a leveler collection for the uad powered plugins. Universal audio teletronix la2a classic leveling amplifier. With its gentle, program dependent optical compression, and meticulously designed tube amplifier, the la2a is the goto compressor for professional mixers around the world. Available in native formats for mac 3264bit, all formats and pc 32 64bit. Guitar rig 5 sansamp psa1 eleven free amplitube 3 guitar amp pro bass amp amp uad teletronix la2a silver awesome free plug ins, 1176 and la2a emulations. Uad includes the new ep34 classic tape echo plugin for uad2 and the now officiallysanctioned dbx 160 classic compressorlimiter plugin formerly vca vu. Universal audio teletronix la2a classic leveler plugin. As each compressor plugin software is different, and there are myriads out there to choose from, well keep it simple, and take a look at 5 of best best choices out there. With a name like ultimate compressor, youd hope it would be pretty impressive, and fortunately the 6030 doesnt disappoint. These plugins include effects pack and audio loop tracks.

Universal audio uad 2 powered plugins crack with serial. The electrooptical compressor is famous for its gentle transparent compression, making it the perfect choice for pristine vocal levelling, bass and drums, or anything that requires gentle dynamic reduction or additional. Lphase multiband compressor vstaaxau winosx audiotools. The very sexy and very affordable adhd leveling tool there are few compressors more coveted than the legendary la2a compressor by teletronix. Universal audio has announced the impending release of the teletronix la2a classic leveler collection for the uad powered plugins platform and apollo highresolution audio interface. Get the incredible flexibility and sound of genuine ua conversion and access to the extensive ua library with this thunderbolt 3. His ingenious optical compression design was a technological breakthrough, far surpassing the stability and transparency of earlier circuits.

Rough rider is the best for adding pump to rhythmic tracks. Back in the day, cubases stock plugins and, indeed, those of many other daws were perhaps best described as vanilla, but in later versions, cubase has gained a couple of more characterful compressors. One of the most iconic compressorlimiters of all time is the teletronix la2a. This weeks mix tip tuesday we explore each of the three la2a plugins by universal audio. Audio damages rough rider is a modern compressor with a vintage flavour. The api 2500 stereo compressor is a versatile compressor that can be configured as a single stereo compressor or two mono compressors with the same compression setting. Teletronix la2a classic leveling amplifier universal audio. Audio compressor windows mac semantic audio plugins are crossplatform daw audio effects.

Uad powered plugins can be used with pro tools rtas and aax 64 on both mac and windows. Its available on both pc and mac and is compatible with most daws. View all results for la2a at sweetwater the worlds leading music technology and instrument retailer. Uad teletronix la2a legacy by universal audio plugins vst.

Still, this list should keep you mac users busy for a while. I have one of the latest built teletronix versions. The urei 1176, dbx 160, and the teletronix la2a all represent modern. Modeled on the legendary electrooptical tube compressor, this plugin emulates the originals smooth frequencydependent behaviors which made it a favorite of.

The combination of usability and high quality output makes it a must have for many. Issuu company logo slax is a free vintage compressor plugin developed by seems to have minor issue interacting with other plugins on same track but worth it. Theres a reason the universal audio teletronix la2a has been rated as one of the best compressor plugins on the market. Get cakewalk ca2a leveling amplifier plugin for free. Renowned for its transparency and musicality, the teletronix la2a is a possibly the classic opto compressor with tube amplification.

It puts the silky, smooth sound of this highly desirable unit right into any vst compatible daw. The teletronix la2a, therefore, is the latest analogue classics plugin to reach its second generation. From very subtle, soft knee or transparent compression to outandout distortion, this compressor really adds that fizz to your tracks. Teletronix la2a leveler collection uad audio plugins. Modeled on the legendary electrooptical tube compressor, the cla2a emulates the originals smooth, frequencydependent behaviors that have made it a favorite of engineers everywhere. In this plugin walkthrough im looking at the famous la2a plugin. Unfollow teletronix la2a to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Our ultimate roundup of the very best compressor plugins in 2016 for every budget and. The unique warmth of its compression, especially on the human voice, has made it one of the most popular designs ever made. The arrow is a desktop 2 x 4 thunderbolt 3 audio interface with realtime uad2 solo core processing for mac and windows. Some are clean and neutral, some colour the sound as soon as you run a signal through them, regardless of.

Theyre known to warm things up and eq all the warmth and low mids and bass. Like the hardware, the la2a silver, la2a gray, and la2 models offer distinct variations in time constants, compression knee, headroom, distortion, program and frequency dependence, and more. So here are 7 free vst compressors plugins for you. One compressor could sound fantastic on kick drums but terrible on vocals. Universal audio has announced the release of version 6. The t4 optical attenuator is entirely programdependent, allowing the compression ratio and release time to vary greatly based on the source material. The uad2 powered plugins platform offers the worlds most authentic analog hardware emulations and awardwinning audio plugins for mac and pc. The firstchoice vocal compressor for top engineers worldwide. Uad powered plugins is a great audio plugin collection for the uad dsp card. Add them to your toolkit today and compress your way to success.

The teletronix la2a optical compressorlimiter vintage king. Hi, i somehow stumbled upon the teletronix la2a classic leveler plugin collection and love how they tame my vocal harshness while recording and just seem to really make all of my vocals sit in the mix with no effort. In addition, both plugins feature stereo and midside processing, helpful ab comparison switching, 3 different range scales, and a configurable spectrum analyzer along with output metering in 16db, 32db, 48db, and 60db. Top it all off with chris lordalges personal presets. Teletronix la2a the la2a was the first compressor to use a tubedriven optical attenuator to achieve gain reduction. Stereo plugin emulation of a teletronix la2a optical leveling amplifier with midside mode mac pc aax, vst, au, rtas. Based on the original teletronix solidstate optical la3a audio leveler produced back in 1969, this design is capable of faster attack and release times than the earlier and more celebrated la2a. Even if you also have a bunch of vintage compressor plugins already. Another might work on any signal but only sound good when used for light compression. The hd version of the everything pack software plugin bundle v6 from mcdsp is a complete collection of digital equalizers, compressors, virtual tape machines, reverbs, multiband dynamic processors, deessers, noise filters, and futz tools for processing your tracks. The ui design may look a bit dated in comparison to more modern releases of la2a style plugins by other developers but dont let that put you off, the bf2a, like the bf76, is a great sounding tools, faithful to the original. Surely it has to be the legendary teletronix la2a tube based optical levelling amplifier.

The best gear advice always comes from those who use it the most. This is definitely one of the best vocal compressor plugins on the market today. Every software of audio solutions has needed some plugins to run the software. Cakewalk has announced that is offering for free limited time offer its ca2a leveling amplifier plugin for windows and mac osx ca2a is a plugin emulation of the legendary teletronix la2a hardware compressor. Vstorrent torrent source for free download quality software. Like the 1176, the api 2500 provides selectable ratio, attack, and release times. Like the mid60s classic, the cla2a sounds great on guitars and bass, and really shines on vocals. Generally, the recording studios would have several compressors like a urei 1176, teletronix audio la2a, and a dbx 160.

Discover, download and learn how to use the most popular free vst and au plugins on splice. Uad la2a leveler plugin collection explained full walkthrough. Resolved audio processing and metering issues with waves compressor plugins certain audio units instrument plugins now maintain pitch when sample rate is changed resolved note shift issues when imported midi file clips are edited. Dont plunk down your hard earned money on a new mac when an. Picking up where uas legacy la2a plugin left off, the new la2a plugin collection provides unrivaled emulations of three distinct teletronix hardware units, right down. Teletronix founder jim lawrence first used photocells for controlling audio gain in the early 1960s. Bill putnam later purchased this patented technology. The new update adds new plugins as well as support for 64bit hosts on the mac platform. Its a fairly straightforward compressor so dont expect too many bells and whistles its simply a highperformance instrument compressor and rates as one of the best compressor plugins for this role. The 7 best free vst compressor plugins available today.

Im thinking about selling my vintage la2a and get a new clone version. Grab them for either mac or pc and install them on any daw. With its approachable interface of just 3 controls for gating, compression and output. Following the release of the redesigned 1176 classic limiter plugin collection a few months ago, it was somewhat inevitable that universal audio would take an opportunity to revisit some of its other classic compressor plugins. The r37 on the original were a filter to make the compressor act more on the high end, due to restrictions in broadcast fm modulation etc. And yes, gain staging will have a great effect on the sound and how it react and more often than not people are pushing the levels in the digital domain to. For optimum results, the latest uad software is recommended. Teletronix la2a classic leveler plugin collection, anything else better for vocals. With its gentle, program dependent optical compression and meticulously designed tube amplifier, the la2a is the goto compressor for professional mixers.

It can be utilized on mac and window computers by producers, engineers, and musicians for applications such as. For a free plugin, this stereo controller offers great versatility and functionality. Skifonix sounds lofi melodics is our collection for hiphop producers who want to be inspired by soulful, laidback melodic loops. Teletronix la2a classic leveler plugin collection trailer.

The best compressor plugins for windows and mac masteringbox. Universal audio la2a optical compressorlimiter vintage. These are 25 of the best mac free plugins, and we havent even mentioned all the free instrument plugins for mac yet. In addition to reviving some classic hardware in the form of ua developed teletronix la2a and api 500 series, there are three new plugins from softube to add to the uad third party library, which already includes the.

The la2a is a leveling amplifier and an optical tube compressor. The avid bf2a is available as part of avids classic compressor bundle. The two standout compressor plugins in their range both have a lot going on under the hood, each providing a whole range of processing and dynamics options all from within the single plugin. Universal audio has recently renewed their la2a plugin, and added 3 newly. The teletronix la2a leveler collection puts three of the most coveted incarnations of the iconic teletronix processor at your fingertips. The spc2000 v6 compressor software plugin from mcdsp is a serialparallel compressor that offers the flexibility of the classic compressorbank plugin by mcdsp, but uses the two, three, and four stage configurations of which the routing combinations can emulate any other compressor. Think of the 1176 as chocolate and the la2a as peanut butter smooth and creamy. Sinamex is the sole distributor for universal audio in singapore. Dialin ideal optical compression textures for vocals, bass, drums, and more with the teletronix la2a classic leveler collection. The la2a was the first compressor to use a tubedriven optical attenuator to achieve gain reduction. Universal audio teletronix la2a classic leveler collection plugin teletronix la2a classic leveler collection plugin, software compressor from universal audio in the uad plugin series. Universal audio teletronix la2a classic leveler collection. The plugins allow you to semantically annotate your sounds in the mix, whilst giving you access to a wealth of semantically meaningful presets.

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