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Characters jane eyre gcse english literature revision. In a book that makes use of many of the stock situations and characters of the gothic genre, jane stands out as a woman who runs against the gothic stereotype of. Jane eyre, by charlotte bronte, was first published in 1847 under brontes pseudonym, currier bell. Learn all about how the characters in jane eyre such as jane eyre and edward rochester contribute to the story and how they fit into the plot. She distinguishes herself at lowood school because of her hard work and strong intellectual abilities. Download the free study guide and infographic for jane eyre by charlotte. This study guide takes a different approach from most study guides. After her death, her brother invited their nephew henry dashwood and his family to live with him at norland park. When the novel begins, she is an isolated, powerless tenyearold living with an aunt and cousins who dislike her. A thorough analysis of all characters in jane eyre by charlotte bronte.

Foil character role analysis bertha mason to jane eyre. Brocklehurst that jane has a tendency for deceit, which he. Jane eyre tells the story of a mistreated woman who struggles to achieve her own independence in a strict victorian society. From the castles and mansions of great britain to historic house museums and theatres across america, this extraordinary solo performance of jane eyre has been charming audiences.

Widely considered a classic, it gave a new truthfulness to the victorian novel with. Jane is noted for her strong mindedness and individualism, and is an influential character in literature, especially. At the centre is the romance between jane and rochester, which is enhanced by gothic elements such as the uncanniness of the doppleganger and the spectre like qualities of. Rivers to the unhappy and neglected adele, and above all else, in the quietly determined jane herself. Jane eyre the novel, not the character looks down its nose in disgust at the existing victorian class hierarchy. Bertha mason is the most gothic and most frightening character in the book. She grows into a highly sensitive, independent woman. Jane eyre, novel by charlotte bronte, first published in 1847. Compare and contrast the characters of jane eyre and helen burns in the novel, jane eyre. List of characters by novel the jane austen wiki fandom.

Its about a girl named not surprisingly jane eyre, and its a bildungsroman, a comingof. Represented as a monster, bertha mason is the most gothic and most frightening character in the book, standing side by side with jane eyre when it comes to their importance in the novel. Characters in jane eyre with examples and analysis literary. Charlotte brontes novel about the passionate love between jane eyre, a young girl alone in the world, and the rich, brilliant, domineering rochester has, ever since its publication in 1847, enthralled every kind of reader, from the most critical and cultivated to the youngest and most unabashedly romantic. This section discusses the main characters in the novel jane eyre by charlotte bronte. May 30, 2018 professor regina buccola of roosevelt university explains the main characters in charlotte brontes novel jane eyre. Look, we dont like to make judgement values here, but jane eyre is awesome.

Compare and contrast the characters of jane eyre and helen. The protagonist and narrator of jane eyre, jane begins the novel as an. The jane eyre study guide contains a biography of charlotte bronte, literature essays, a complete etext, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a fu. Mar 14, 2019 jane eyres characteristics, such as bravery, persistence and autonomy, do not automatically make her a feminist because her thinking is still limited to a feminine category. The main characters in jane eyre are jane eyre, edward fairfax rochester, bertha mason rochester, adele varens, and st. Reader, its jane eyre crash course literature 207 youtube. Jane eyre has many memorable characters that appear in the novel and interact with the heroine, jane influencing her development for better or for worse.

She at this point is an orphan, living with her cold aunt reed and cruel cousins. Jane eyre play adapted and performed by lisa hayes. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one. Sense and sensibility 1811 anne steele, aunt dashwood was the sister of uncle dashwood. He married bertha mason years before the novel begins. Although she meets with a series of individuals who threaten her autonomy, jane repeatedly succeeds at asserting herself and maintains her principles of justice, human.

Jane eyre the protagonist and narrator of the novel, jane is an intelligent. Widely considered a classic, it gave a new truthfulness to the victorian novel with its realistic portrayal of the inner life of a woman, noting her struggles with her natural desires and social condition. Jane eyre jane is the central character of the novel. At the start of the novel jane is 10 years old, the events of the novel track the next 10 years of her life and the final chapter of the novel is set a further ten years later so jane is. Jane is a young woman, looking back on her life of an orphan and a governess. Despite his stern manner and not particularly handsome appearance, edward rochester wins janes heart, because she feels they are kindred spirits, and because he is the first person in the novel to offer jane lasting love and a real home.

Jane, an orphan, is employed as a governess, and becomes romantically involved with her employer, the mysterious and moody edward rochester. Jane eyre the main character starts out the book at the age of ten. Jane eyre is the fictional heroine of charlotte brontes 1847 novel of the same name. Jane eyre r is a novel by english writer charlotte bronte, published under the pen name. Jane says that she stood erect before rochester and this is a parallel with when brocklehurst stood erect on the carpet earlier in the novel which suggested authoritarianism. Jane and rochester are the round characters in jane eyre. Characteristics are a feature or quality belonging typically to a person, place, or thing and serving to identify it. Bertha represents womanhood of the 19 th century, implying that women were imprisoned in their houses and owned by their men. To paraphrase virginia woolf, modern readers often assume that jane eyre.

Instead, it attempts to show how the authors techniques and interests inform every single facet of this classic novel. In her youth and again as a governess, jane must depend on others for support read full character analysis the wealthy master of thornfield hall and janes employer and, later, her husband. The novel is a firstperson narrative from the perspective of the title character. The protagonist and narrator of jane eyre, jane begins the novel as an angry, rebellious, 10yearold orphan and gradually develops into a sensitive, artistic, maternal, and fiercely independent young woman. Indeed, janes outstanding personal qualities make her one of the most powerful female fictional. When the novel begins, she is an isolated, powerless tenyearold living with an aunt and cousins who dislike. The narrator, central character, and heroine of jane eyre, jane is both a fully realized fictional creation in the novel and, in many ways, a voice for the author, charlotte bronte. In charlotte brontes jane eyre, edward fairfax rochester, or mr. Jane eyre characters from litcharts the creators of sparknotes.

Reading, education, and creativity are all essential components of jane s growth, factors that help her achieve her final success. Although rochester is janes social and economic superior, and although men were widely considered to. By which we mean the book is great, and the character is amazing. If it wasnt for his sinful past, edward rochester would be janes perfect match.

Main characters the heroine and narrator of the novel. The characters who are most interested in the trappings of wealth and status are hypocritical or morally misguided, but characters who take poverty on themselves to demonstrate their great moral natures are also mocked. The creators of sparknotes jane eyre characters from litcharts. It does not simply tell you more about the story and characters, which isnt actually that useful. Starting out with nothing, she must find her way in a world where a womans success in the world is determined by her marital prospects. Ive also visited the parsonage at haworth where you get a real feel for the isolation they must have felt, cooped up in that dark house, left motherless at an early age. The jane eyre quotes below are all either spoken by jane eyre or refer to jane eyre. The protagonist and narrator of jane eyre, jane begins the novel as an angry, rebellious, 10yearold orphan and gradually develops into a sensitive.

Bertha and jane only meet facetoface twice, and they never have any conversations, but, as rochesters two wives and as the two higherclassthantheservants residents of thornfield, theyre still odd doubles of one another. Jane eyre in the novel jane eyre written by charlotte bronte, jane eyre is a character whose consistent characteristics are significant in terms of the novel. An autobiography, published in 1847 under the ridiculous pseudonym currer bell, will be oldfashioned and difficult to relate to, only to be astonished by a novel that largely feels as fresh and modern today as it did in the 19 th century. It literally has everything that was typical of the period, but, unlike other novels, it has all the elements in one story. Rochester is the owner of thornfield hall, jane s employer, and the great love of her life. Jane eyre is the fictional heroine of charlotte bronte s 1847 novel of the same name. Jane eyre is my favourite novel of all time so, whilst i am not a expert in the brontes, i have a penchant for any books, films about them or their novelspoetry. Jane eyre is the protagonist and narrator of the story. Choose from 319 different sets of jane eyre characters places flashcards on quizlet. Analysis and discussion of characters in charlotte brontes jane eyre. Learn jane eyre characters places with free interactive flashcards.

The character of jane eyre in jane eyre from litcharts the. French catholicism the gothic feature in jane eyre, represented by edward rochester and had remained distinct. The protagonist and narrator, jane is an orphaned girl caught between class boundaries, financial situations, and her own conflicted feelings. Sep 23, 2010 when i think of jane eyre, i think of a dark mystery, beautiful prose, and strongly moral characters. In the tradition of victorian parlor performances, lisa hayes brings to life charlotte brontes classic novel.

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