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Ps form 6401 fill online, printable, fillable, blank. Quick links send and receive money, pay bills moneygram. Please allow 5 7 business days for instock items to be shipped. What to do when you have a lost money order depositaccounts. Ps form 6401, money order inquiry, see figure 1019 is used to file an inquiry about payment of a postal money order.

Click here and enter details to get contact information. Your money order receipt will help you track your payment and show proof of value in case the money order gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Once you start the inquiry, you can check its status with the usps money order inquiry system. Electronic money order send money across the country instantaneously. In order to track your money order, youll have to have the correct receipt. The usps wants and needs that money to operate, but hey, you might need it to operate too. This chance we go all out to present amazing images about usps ps form 6 401 pdf collected from known website randomly coolest, prepare to be amazed. Ps form 6401 fill out and sign printable pdf template. However the tech is antiquated so it takes 30 days before the status of your money order, cashed or not, is. I went to the usps web site and verified the money order. Your money order receipt will help you track your payment and show. Ps form 153, signature confirmation reference only. I sent it in a stamped envelope, which should have been a 2 day trip, 4 days tops. Usps will try to track down the status of the money order, a customer service representative said.

The fee is not required if form 6401 is filed by a bank, other financial institution, government agency that. Ps form 6401, money order inquiry is a form provided by the united states postal service usps. The amount for which a single money order may be issued must not exceed rs 5000 the money order form duly filed in, together with the amount of the money order and commission either in cash or by cheque be presented at the post office counter. Download the money order research request form from the western union website.

Usps money order tracking this is a bit off topic, but since i know that the usps money order is a tool for many playing the ms game, i figured i would ask here. At this point it is safe to say it was either stolen or lost by the usps. Application and voucher for refund of postage and fees. Form 6401 us postal money order inquiry online yahoo. Id won a couple of auctions from a 100% feedback seller on ebay and wanted to get my payment out asap. A customer purchaser, payee, or endorsee only may complete, sign, and submit ps form 6401 for any inquiry on the status of a money order. Licensed as a money transmitter by the new york state department of financial services. If you receive a money order, contact the issuing institution to verify its real. A receipt will be given for the amount paid by him on account of the money order and commission. Submit this form if you want to know the status of your money. Typically, domestic money orders are 11digits long and international money orders are 10digits long. I sent a usps money order to a gun shop on 1219, and as of today it has not been received.

To complete that form, you need the receipt from your original purchase showing the money order number, amount, and information about the post office you purchased from. Postal periodicals and publications postal explorer domestic mail manual. Dont trust the usps money order inquiry page for your status. The fee is not required if ps form 6401 is filed by a bank, another. Go to the money order inquiry system page on the usps website. Postal service money orders are affordable, widely accepted, and never expire. You can obtain, complete and submit this form at a local post office. The post office will tell you if the money order been has been cashed and by whom. Select 6401 inquiry and enter the money orders serial number in the field underneath. But if you want it replaced, you have to go to your local post office in person.

Postal service usps money orders, you must visit your local post office and file a ps form 6401 money order inquiry. Exit claim forms due to death of subscriber claim form 303. We recommend the vice president, retail products and services. Licensed by the georgia department of banking and finance. Form 6401 us postal money order inquiry online is the form online somewhere all i found was a 1995 version of the form in the marines website. Money orders can be purchased at any post office location. A money order is a financial instrument that works with a prepaid check. The postal service says once youve submitted the form, check their missing money order list link to download at the. I went into the post office i sent it, and was told nothing could be done. Here is how to find out the status of the money order that was purchased from the united states postal service. Banks and financial institutions are required to fill out ps form 6401 to track money orders issued by the postal. Loststolen us postal money orders txt file loststolen us postal money orders xml file instructions on requesting status via web url. Postal money orders are available at any post office for a small fee.

When sending money by mail, use money orders as a safe alternative to cash and personal checks. Be sure to include complete information, including your name, address and money order number. To request a copy of the endorsed money order, visit your local post office to submit a 6401 money order inquiry form. I tried to check the status of the money order 6401 inquiry but that. I sent a usps money order to a fellow member to purchase an item postal inspection service. If you used a usps money order, you need to visit a post office and fill out ps form 6401, the money order inquiry. Once weve completed a payment inquiry on the status. Label 3800n is a nonbarcoded, color coded green certified mail label for use only with an intelligent mail package barcode impb shipping label with postage prepaid. Today we have collected photos concerning perfect printable usps form ps reference, inspiring ps form 3801 june 2011 example and also awesome printable ps form 6401 usps money order for. Exit claim forms pre mature closure claim form 302. Can i get copy of a money order even though i lost my receipt. Ps form 6401 download printable pdf or fill online money order.

Anyone ever successfully made a usps money order inquiry. They are useful if you dont have a checking account, or if you dont want your personal information or bank account details accessible. For usps money orders, this will be the stub on the side of the order. For moneygram and western union, the process is fairly similar and you will need to fill out an appropriate form. Tell the clerk at the post office that you need to track a postal money order. Money orders are similar to checks, in that you specify who can cash them. The united states postal service usps has an online money order inquiry system for tracking the status of usps money orders. A purchaser, payee, or endorsee may, at any time, inquire about payment of a domestic money order by completing, signing, and filing form 6401 and paying the appropriate fee. How to check if a money order was cashed moneygram, usps. Usps corporate account application and payment authorization form. If your stolen or lost money order is through usps, you can check the status of it online. Exit claim forms at the age of 60 years claim form 301. If your order contains pre or backordered items, those items will ship separately when all pre or backordered items in your order become available.

Policies, procedures, and forms updates postal bulletin 22302 111 5 1. Now you may print, download, or share the document. Well replace a lost or stolen money order for a fee. To find a post office that sells international money orders, go to the post office locator click post offices refine search money orders or call 1800ask usps 18002758777. In the us, for example, if you purchased your money order from the united states postal service usps then you will need to go to a post office, fill out a form 6401 and pay a processing fee to trace or track the money order.

Postal service issues money orders, but cannot research. Most retail outlets are open when the post office is closed. Collect on delivery hold for pickup 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00. What is the process of tracking a usps money order. Here youll find all the forms necessary to handle your business mailing needs. You can download the form or request it from your local post office. If you do not have the stub, you can download the form online and mail it in. Youll fill out and submit a form 6401 money order inquiry and pay a.

If it hasnt been cashed, you will be given a replacement money order which you can cash in or send on. Envelopes cannot be tracked, which i figured, but the money order. Ive paid for countless ok, about 80 or so comic purchases over the years with usps money orders and never had a problem. Some have mail dropoff boxes or can help you ship a package. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your 6401 form instantly with signnow. Alternatively, you can phone western union customer service and request the form by fax or mail. Download, print and complete the paperwork to save time at the bank. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Consumers track money orders by entering the serial number of the money order into the tracking system. The fee is not required if ps form 6401 is filed by a bank, another financial institution, a government agency that processes money orders directly with the federal reserve bank, or a postal service official engaged in official usps business. Just complete and submit ps form 6401 money order inquiry at your local post office. Nor is it possible to stop payment, track or trace a money order in the mailstream.

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