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The most important input for a social security calculation is your earnings history. New social security tool debuts for advisers investmentnews. Social security is an important part of your larger financial picture. The best way to use the aarps social security benefits calculator is to have your estimated monthly social security benefit to input into the software. Five free social security claiming calculators wealth. Strategies for maximizing your social security benefits. These free tools will calculate your social security benefits. Maximize my social security, developed by boston economics professor larry kotlikoff, covers all the social security claiming scenarios one might encounter. Prosperity software solutions the creators of the shield. Social security maximizer one of the hottest topics in the financial industry right now is when to start taking social security. Investment brokerage sites sometimes have social security tools, one of which is the t. Maximize my social security when should i take social.

Welcome to omyen a comprehensive lifetime financial planning platform for all life stages. For a typical working couple this could be 35 to 40 years of data each 70 to 80 numbers total that must be keyed in correctly for accurate results. You can then choose from among various social security goals, such as running different retirement ages, maximizing lifetime benefits, taking benefits as soon as possible, or maximizing income for a surviving spouse. How to maximize your social security benefits the motley.

Thats a big deal, as social security income is critical to most. In addition to explaining how social security works, he recently created an interactive calculator, open social security, to help you figure out when is the best time to claim social security. Social security maximizer offers a free version that allows advisers to play with its tool and produce a small number of client reports for free as well as a premium version with unlimited access. Comparing the 2 leading social security calculators can. Maximizing social security benefits special report. I tested 2 free social security retirement calculators. Selecting the right strategy for when to claim social security will pay off for years to come. Sign up for free newsletters and get more cnbc delivered to your inbox. This is the third post in a threepart series that discusses important considerations regarding social security benefits and strategies for incorporating them into your retirement plan. Social security maximizer is a also a good companion to the companys other financial planning programs such as the personal financial index that advisers use for client education and. Designed to prepare clientready reports, this tool from. Free online tools for optimizing social security benefits weve testdriven five of them for you. Another key utility in the new generation of social security software is breakeven analysis, that is, the period that it will take to justify delaying taking benefits. Investigate social security claiming tools for free.

Maximize my social security is a tool developed exclusively by economic security planning, inc. To find that data, look under taxed social security earnings on your most recent social security statement. Get precise instructions about how to optimize your payout whether you are married, divorced or widowed. Without the right strategy, you could lose a significant amount of social security income. Deciding which social security benefits to take and when to take them is one of the most important and complex decisions you must make.

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